Pittsburg Raised

Juan is a son of immigrant parents who came to this country in search of a promising future. They worked in manufacturing for most of their careers, having later worked in the commercial shipping industry at the Port of Oakland. They began their careers in Pittsburg and enjoyed living and working in Pittsburg. When their manufacturing jobs left Pittsburg they were forced to move out of Pittsburg to keep their commutes short. Shortly after leaving, they realized the difficulty of raising their children away from their large family which was and still is rooted in Pittsburg. They moved back and endured long commutes every day so that their kids could be raised with family around them. Juan's parent's experience has helped to shape how he views the importance of family and good local jobs.

Juan was raised in Pittsburg public schools having attended Highlands Elementary, Central Jr. High, and Pittsburg High. In 2013, Juan graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He immediately came back to his hometown where he had the opportunity and privilege to live and work in Pittsburg. Juan works as an engineer for The Dow Chemical Company which has a manufacturing site in Pittsburg.