Local Jobs

Manufacturing is a big part of Pittsburg which often times is forgotten as a huge resource for our citizens seeking good high paying jobs. As a councilman, Juan promises to work with local manufacturing companies to invest in Pittsburg based industry training apprenticeships. Juan will also partner with local industrial land owners to help advertise and promote their land such that they may enter into partnerships to bring more manufacturers to Pittsburg. More manufacturing in well established and designated industrial areas means more jobs for our community.

Public Safety

Pittsburg PD is doing a great job keeping our crime low. Having grown up in Pittsburg Juan sees the difference in our community and it is in great part due to the effort, commitment, and sacrifice from our sworn men and women.

As a councilman, Juan will continue to invest in Public Safety to keep crime low in our city. We must ask ourselves what is the next step that we must take to help make Pittsburg public safety a sustainable reality into the future?

Juan believes that Pittsburg must be a leader in the bay area when it comes to public safety. Pittsburg leaders must encourage a multi-city collaborative approach to public safety. As a councilman, Juan will work to reach out to our neighbors and encourage the development of a multi-city strategy which would help reduce spill over crime into Pittsburg. 

Traffic reduction

For years Pittsburg citizens have endured heavy traffic congestion in Pittsburg. It is critical that our citizens and visitors are able to travel to and from our arterial highways as well as across our city. 

As a councilman, Juan will push to develop a traffic reduction strategy to alleviate traffic congestion throughout Pittsburg, specifically focusing on Railroad Avenue and Buchanan Road.